milwaukee photographers

We’re Theresa and Erin, an artistic couple living and creating in the Milwaukee area. We live a quirky modern-day Brady Bunch existence in our charming old house with 2 kids and 8 dogs (it’s hard to keep up with all of these small bodies). We get to spend approximately 23.75 hours out of every day together, time that is generally spent avoiding anything that could be mistaken as housework. We work seamlessly together to fill homes with artwork by Hello Little, featuring the people our clients love most in this world.

We believe everyone should adorn their walls and fill album pages with photographs, not jpegs.

We believe in photographing babies and children in a decidedly modern way that allows them to shine.

We believe that simple is almost always best.

We believe in deep, compelling black & white imagery.

We believe that you’ll want to remember your child as he truly is, with his round eyes, chubby cheeks, and comical expressions, not a series of special outfits.

We believe in soulful stares.

We believe that striving for perfection in newborn posing is essential because it means babies look and ARE comfortable.

We believe in natural smiles (and natural pouts).

We believe that headbands should not approach one quarter of the size of a child’s head.

We believe that children are at their best when they’re being goofy and carefree and full of zest and soul.

We believe in color palettes that are ever-so-slightly muted and never overbearing.

We believe that newborns have big ‘ol noggins and narrow bodies and we go crazy when that’s apparent in an image.

Do you share some of our beliefs? We can give you imagery you believe in. We would love to have you join the Hello Little family!

Theresa loves calculators. She has a business degree. Erin loves colors. She has a photography degree. Together, we’re perfectly matched to be Hello Little’s CEOs (CEOs can live in yoga pants, right?).

Theresa can’t get enough of The Walking Dead. Erin can’t get enough of The Big Bang Theory. Together, we can’t stop watching Nashville….go figure.

Theresa loves pizza.  Erin loves froyo.  Together, we’re vegan and are still on a mission to find delicious vegan pizza (we’re close) and froyo (not even sorta close).

Theresa loves to listen to books. Erin loves to read books. Together, we never read anything because we’re too busy talking.

Theresa’s a morning person. Erin’s a night owl. Together, we’re always up late working, always up early working, and therefore always tired. Plus, we live with 2 kids and 8 dogs, remember? Nobody’s getting any sound sleep around here (unless you’re a kid or a dog).

Theresa obsesses over black and white images. Erin creates those black and white images. Together, we turn every. single. image. we. can. into a black and white. #sorrynotsorry (we’re new to hashtags – is that correct?)