Thanks for checking out Hello Little! Of course we think that there are a lot of reasons to choose Hello Little to be your family’s photographer. We were named one of the top 20 newborn photographers in the Milwaukee area, with us you always get two photographers instead of one, we take care of everything from wardrobe selection to the final delivery of your archival products, and we always, always, always achieve the high quality imagery as shown in our portfolio. Plus, we’re pretty fun to work with….click here to see what others have to say about working with us! 

There are a lot of things to consider when selecting the right photographer for your family, though! We wanted to share our top 5 things to look for when making your decision. So check out our list below and when you want to get your booking started, say hello!


 1) The Basics

It sounds a little obvious that hiring someone with a lot of knowledge and experience is important when choosing to work with anyone – in any field – and newborn photography is no different.  From the safety of your baby to beauty of the final images, it’s knowledge and experience that sets professionals apart from one another.

Between the two of us (Erin and Theresa), you won’t find anyone in the area who has photographed more new babies. We’re talking HUNDREDS. Hundreds and hundreds of babies have been in front of our lenses.  We have learned to read their cues, how to soothe and how to safely and perfectly pose babies in a way that you can learn only from experience.

There is most definitely an art to baby soothing and posing – it’s important that your baby is handled gently and posed in a way that is not only comfortable, but beautiful for the image as well. 

We could be the best baby soothers and posers in the world, though (which, ahem, we might be), but without understanding the technical aspect of photography it wouldn’t matter one bit. Angles, light, shadows, colors, aperture, etc….they are all so important and we know how to use all of these things together to create images we love. 

Erin has a fine arts degree in photography which taught her to see light and shadows and color in such a technical, beautiful way. She has developed such a strong sense of self when it comes to her art and knows exactly what she is out to achieve and achieves it. She painstakingly creates images both in front of the camera and after. She is after perfection – for both our clients and for herself. 

Theresa learned photography from a variety of courses and workshops (and so much from Erin!) and a lot of good old fashioned practice. She has worked tirelessly for the past several years to learn everything there is to know about photography.




2) Consistency

Remember how we have all sorts of knowledge and experience? This means that what you see on our website is truly a reflection of what you’re going to get from us. Every last image on our website was styled, posed, lit, photographed and edited by us. Be sure to ask any photographer you might work with which images in their portfolio, if any, were taken at a workshop so you know if there are images that are not a true reflection of that photographer’s work and abilities. We are very consistent in our work so you can feel confident that if you love what you see on our website, you’re going to love your baby’s images even more. 



3) Client Experience 

We want our clients to come to our studio and relax for the duration of the session. Since every newborn session with Hello Little includes two highly experienced photographers, you will truly have the easiest newborn photography experience possible. We are able to work so well together and have even been told by clients that we appear to be reading each other’s minds during sessions (we seriously do…it’s crazy!). For you, this means we are able to complete your session efficiently and smoothly. We take care of everything from the moment you arrive….from getting your baby ready to start the session to soothing to diaper changes. And if you happen to bring a bottle, we’ll do that part too!

Your only job will be to have a beverage and a snack, and take some time to rest. If you want to take a nap, this would be the time!

After the session is where the real fun begins! We always have our clients back to the studio to view their images, which are projected huge onto the wall. We help you narrow down your selections and decide how you want to display these images in your home. From there, we take care of absolutely everything. We ensure everything is printed beautifully and meets our high standards, and then we personally deliver your products to your home. 


4) Artistry & Attention to Detail

This business is more than just a business to us. This is our art. We are working to create timeless works of art with every image we present to you. Works of art that you can display proudly on your walls for years to come! We love a clean, simple, beautifully lit image that focuses on your baby…something that will never go out of style. With that sense of artistry comes attention to detail. We are looking at a million different things during sessions and striving for perfection; we are constantly making adjustments during sessions to get it just right.

We believe that paying attention to all of these little details is the difference between a nice picture and a work of art. 




5) Studio

Our storefront studio in Wauwatosa is specifically designed to make the newborn/baby photography experience seamless from start to finish. Everything from the temperature to the layout is created with purpose, to give our clients the very best end result possible. We have lights, more props than we could ever use and heavy duty backdrops that give our clients great options. Our clients like that they can get away for a couple of hours and just not worry about anything. They can sit back, relax, let us take care of the baby and just take some time for themselves for probably the first time since the birth! 

So now it’s time to book your newborn session with Hello Little! Say hello and let’s get started!