What we create is gonna stick around

We have two goals:  to create exceptional imagery that pushes us to our creative limits and to pass down those images to you in an heirloom form.  Boooooring.  But true. Our heart’s desire is to create the images that will become your legacy. The photographs from your sessions with Hello Little will remain long after this decade’s furniture is replaced.

We have a case of the The Revolving Couch in our house.  It’s a weird dilemma, but it’s ours.  See, we find a couch whose aesthetics we love, but it turns out you might as well be relaxing on top of a piece of cold steel.  With spikes.  To the basement it goes.  In comes another that appears to be a winning combination of both beauty and comfort.  Enter the dogs. To the curb it goes. Back from the basement comes the Couch of Steel.  Like I said, it’s a weird problem to have and we’re currently taking applications for the Hallelujah Couch (Midcentury Modern in style + dog/cat/kid proof + so comfortable you want to melt into it).  The point is, the things in our homes, the things that we invest in to beautify our surroundings and take comfort in, are transient. 

In 20 years we’re not going to remember these many couches.  We’re probably not going to be wistful about the day we find the Hallelujah Couch.  But when we’re old ladies looking back at the albums that hold the photographs of our life as we currently know it, we’re going to SEE our life…and we’ll remember the Year of a Thousand Couches.  And we’re going to laugh.  And probably cry a little as we look back on what was.  As we see that herd of dogs and remember what they did to that Award Winning Couch.  As we see the kids looking so small and vulnerable curled up on the Couch of Steel, looking comfortable despite all odds.  Those couches and the seemingly endless investment in them will have nothing on the investment we made in the photographs of our life.  They are our rearview mirror; our sole way of seeing a life we lived, but were so close to we couldn’t fully appreciate.

So how does the Tale of the Revolving Couch relate to you?  (Because hopefully we’re the only numbskulls with this particular debacle.) We want to ignite a small flame inside of you (just a small non-combustible one).  Photograph your family, photograph them well, and display them proudly.

Your home is the Gallery of You.  And that’s damn beautiful.  

what we’re gonna do

1) We’re going to listen.  Yeah, we’ll do some talking ourselves, but we’re going to ask you questions and then we’re going to really hear you.  We’re going to read between the lines and dig around and find exactly what it is you’re after, even if you’re not really sure what you want.  We'll invite you to our studio to talk about all of these things, or we'll spend time time chatting on the phone with you to get to the bottom of what you want most from this experience. One way or another, we want to get to know you. The best photographs are born from connection, so that's exactly what we're going to do. Connect.

2) You’re going to get captured. Seems easy enough right?  Some people feel a lot of anxiety about this part. We know you’ve put in a lot of effort to make this happen.  Gathering clothing, wrangling all of the people, delivering the baby. We applaud and appreciate you.  And now you can relax.  Now is when you sit back and revel in your family and what you’ve created.  Now is when you enjoy this process.  Take some deep breaths and feel all of the love that went into the making of this one unique family of yours.  We’ve got this; we’ve got you.

3) Cue the waterworks.  We’re going to show you your images and sometimes people cry.  We like that part.  We’ll have snacks and drinks and you can relax on a Revolving Couch and we’re going to help you sort through all of the images that you’re going to want to keep.  It’s going to seem impossible choose, but we know you can do it with our help. Together, we’ll curate a beautiful collection of images that tell the story of this particular time in your life. We’ll help you decide where that story is going to go and how it’s going to be displayed for you to remember as you move on to your next chapter.  Collections small or big, 2 images or 35, you’re going to have the highest quality imagery out there.

4) Your legacy begins on delivery day.  We’ll pop by your house or meet you at the studio and hand you beautiful artwork featuring those people who make your life, your life. 

The gallery of you

We want you to have the very best because the Gallery of You is also the Gallery of Us. So we obsess over the editing of your images to make them just so. Then we critically examine your pieces of art to make sure all is well in the world. And if it isn’t, we send it back.  Over and over and over.  Until it’s right.  That’s rare, but it happens. 

Because we’re perfectionists, we’ve partnered with the best professional printers, craftsmen and artists to create exceptional works of art for your home.  From giclee to traditional silver halide photographic prints and hand-bound albums, your images are printed in a technique rated to last for generations.  


$200 Session Fee
Session fee does not include prints, products or digital files.
All products are purchased separately.

Most clients invest $1000+ on their custom portrait experience and artwork.